Santa Power: Take Two

Consistency and Hard Work

“How we lead matters.” —Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Good Evening Everyone!

Let’s get back to our discussion of another aspect of Santa Power, and that is consistency and hard work.  You can rely on the magic of Santa–it is seasonally consistent and Santa himself is hard working.  This reminds us that we must be mindful of being consistent and hard working too in our own lives.  It is not easy to live our lives with awareness and mindfulness on a daily basis.  In fact it is very, very hard to be consistent in this practice.  But the sooner we can train ourselves to be this way, to act this way, the better we will be able to enjoy ourselves and our interactions with our  neighbors on this planet.

If you are a parent, be slow to anger and slow to chastise your child lest you sow seeds of despair in that child.  If you are a child, try to remind yourself to appreciate the moments in your life and be mindful of appreciating the wise counsel of the elders in your life.  All this will lead to your living in harmony with your family members and also will lead to your learning much more than if you raced through your life buffeted by your emotions.

When you become skillful at practicing this then you will bring lots of joy and happiness to those around you.  It is worth a shot–and now is a perfect time to practice this aspect of Santa Power in your own life!

Try it today and let me know how you do!

Gumdrops and candy canes,

Elf Scarlett