Santa Power: Take Three

Pinecones, Mindfulness and Creating Happiness and Peace

Good Evening All!

This morning while on my way to the office, I noticed a lonely pinecone in the middle of the driveway near the gate.  It wasn’t the first time I had noticed a pinecone here, but more like the fourth or fifth time.  But this morning, instead of going around the pinecone, I stopped the truck and got out to pick it up because I did not want it to get smashed like the others I had seen in the same spot over the fall months.  When I picked up the pinecone I noticed how wonderfully perfect it was!  Absolutely perfect in shape, symmetry and color and I had a moment of clarity in contemplating that pinecone.  I thought about mindfulness and how I had not taken the time to admire the other pinecones — the ones I did not remove from the driveway and which got smashed by either a delivery truck or a garbage truck or another in their haste to get on with their business.  I was, for a moment while contemplating that pinecone completely and fully present in that moment and I thought what a wonderful thing if we could all live our lives this way every day.  Although I slowed down to admire the pinecone I felt energized in a way I have never felt energized before.  I knew what I had to do that day, how to get it all done and I felt eager to begin.  I realized pretty quickly that stopping to admire the pinecone made me acutely aware of what was happening in the here and now.

I thought immediately of this blog and that I should share with you what that pinecone taught me this morning.  I thought again of Santa Power and thought that this exercise of slowing down and contemplating the moment, being present in the moment, is another element of Santa Power which we can all appreciate and practiced.  This act of being mindful can help all of us in our daily lives because it can help us make good decisions and avoid wrong ones.  When we are mindful and we see something joyous and fun we can revel in it and when we forget to exercise our thoughts mindfully we can do things that bring negative experiences upon ourselves–we forget to dwell in the present moment at work and upset our coworkers, we get stuck in the past, we may make financial decisions that hurt us or others.

So I think in that small space of time this morning, the presence of that pinecone (as well as the others I had noticed which had fallen in the same exact spot over the months) was telling me to cultivate my spiritual powers a little better than I had previously been doing.  It was, in essence, challenging me to step forward and take responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.

I thought about this and the pinecone all day, on and off, and I began to realize, albeit slowly, that the practice of being mindful can help each one of us achieve happiness and peace in our daily lives.  And once this happens, this might even encourage others to become enlightened to do this in their daily lives.  Accordingly, we could prove to ourselves that we can actually do very much to change not only our lives but we can change entire situations in our local communities as well as the global community just by being mindful.  Pretty powerful thoughts.  So tonight, I beckon you to use your Santa Power tomorrow to attempt to be mindful as you move through your day.  You never know what magical events may occur in your life or what magical events you might set in place for others.

Mindfully yours,

Elf Scarlett

P.S.  For an interesting history of the pinecone and its symbolism, see this link. I found this link absolutely fascinating.