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Calling All Elves

May the Christmas Spirit be with you!

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters.”
—Mother Theresa

Welcome all local elves to our very own San Diego Letters to Santa website!!

It is our hope at Operation Santa Letter San Diego that this site will become a vehicle to bring our community together in the upcoming weeks to help spread goodwill,  happiness  and joy to everyone in our community, to young and old alike, children and those of us who are still children at heart.  Many years ago, when I was living in New York City, I always made time with my kindred elfin friends  who,  despite their busy schedules, always accompanied me as we indulged my elfing habits by bringing joy to many children during the holiday season through trinkets and candies that we distributed locally.  It was not until much later, after several years of “elfing” as I refer to this effort, that I became aware of the United States Postal Service’s Operation Santa.   I always marvel about the fact that I did not make the connection between the scenes in the movie, “Miracle on 34th Street” and the actual USPS Operation Santa, particularly since I must have watched that movie at least fifty times!  It is also very fitting that this blog is being birthed on the Eve of Thanksgiving Day.

I used to start early celebrating the Christmas season in my “prior elfin days” by viewing the assembly of the balloons for the Macy’s parade the night before I would ultimately march down Broadway  in the parade as a clown. I never wanted to be a balloon handler though—I preferred interacting with the children in the crowd as a clown, enjoying the delight on their faces when I performed one of the prat falls we were taught at Clown University  or some amusing trick.  For years prior to moving to San Diego I was part of that New York City Christmas season heralded by the Macy’s Parade and  my ultimate dream was to be a part of the Santa Float and maybe one of these years I will get my wish!  When  each of my children were born, I took them for their first baby “Photo with Santa” at Macy’s New York City flagship store.

The holiday season has always been a magical time for me,  a time that is laden with happy thoughts of the upcoming New Year’s promise of wish fulfillment even beyond the holiday season.  I so much wanted this feeling to last forever for everyone so that the Christmas spirit could live and lift up everyone in its path for the entire succeeding year!  So it is with this feeling of joy and fulfillment that we at Operation Santa Letter San Diego embark on this fledging effort to bring some of this magic and feeling of connectedness to all San Diegans and to particularly unite those children and families among us who need Christmas Elves the most this holiday season—to help bring many needed items that they might not otherwise be able to obtain.

Will you please join me and help me build our own San Diego Elf Team?

It would be an absolute honor to work with you to continue this tradition of bringing joy to needy children and families this holiday season and beyond.  May we all look forward to the day that hundreds of thousands of Santa Letters written by needy children here in San Diego are answered just like they are in New York City!  And I can promise all prospective San Diegan Elves that the amount of joy you will experience by being a part of this effort will far surpass your expectations!

Elf Scarlett