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Santa Power: Take Three

Pinecones, Mindfulness and Creating Happiness and Peace

Good Evening All!

This morning while on my way to the office, I noticed a lonely pinecone in the middle of the driveway near the gate.  It wasn’t the first time I had noticed a pinecone here, but more like the fourth or fifth time.  But this morning, instead of going around the pinecone, I stopped the truck and got out to pick it up because I did not want it to get smashed like the others I had seen in the same spot over the fall months.  When I picked up the pinecone I noticed how wonderfully perfect it was!  Absolutely perfect in shape, symmetry and color and I had a moment of clarity in contemplating that pinecone.  I thought about mindfulness and how I had not taken the time to admire the other pinecones — the ones I did not remove from the driveway and which got smashed by either a delivery truck or a garbage truck or another in their haste to get on with their business.  I was, for a moment while contemplating that pinecone completely and fully present in that moment and I thought what a wonderful thing if we could all live our lives this way every day.  Although I slowed down to admire the pinecone I felt energized in a way I have never felt energized before.  I knew what I had to do that day, how to get it all done and I felt eager to begin.  I realized pretty quickly that stopping to admire the pinecone made me acutely aware of what was happening in the here and now.

I thought immediately of this blog and that I should share with you what that pinecone taught me this morning.  I thought again of Santa Power and thought that this exercise of slowing down and contemplating the moment, being present in the moment, is another element of Santa Power which we can all appreciate and practiced.  This act of being mindful can help all of us in our daily lives because it can help us make good decisions and avoid wrong ones.  When we are mindful and we see something joyous and fun we can revel in it and when we forget to exercise our thoughts mindfully we can do things that bring negative experiences upon ourselves–we forget to dwell in the present moment at work and upset our coworkers, we get stuck in the past, we may make financial decisions that hurt us or others.

So I think in that small space of time this morning, the presence of that pinecone (as well as the others I had noticed which had fallen in the same exact spot over the months) was telling me to cultivate my spiritual powers a little better than I had previously been doing.  It was, in essence, challenging me to step forward and take responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.

I thought about this and the pinecone all day, on and off, and I began to realize, albeit slowly, that the practice of being mindful can help each one of us achieve happiness and peace in our daily lives.  And once this happens, this might even encourage others to become enlightened to do this in their daily lives.  Accordingly, we could prove to ourselves that we can actually do very much to change not only our lives but we can change entire situations in our local communities as well as the global community just by being mindful.  Pretty powerful thoughts.  So tonight, I beckon you to use your Santa Power tomorrow to attempt to be mindful as you move through your day.  You never know what magical events may occur in your life or what magical events you might set in place for others.

Mindfully yours,

Elf Scarlett

P.S.  For an interesting history of the pinecone and its symbolism, see this link. I found this link absolutely fascinating.

Santa Power: Take Two

Consistency and Hard Work

“How we lead matters.” —Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Good Evening Everyone!

Let’s get back to our discussion of another aspect of Santa Power, and that is consistency and hard work.  You can rely on the magic of Santa–it is seasonally consistent and Santa himself is hard working.  This reminds us that we must be mindful of being consistent and hard working too in our own lives.  It is not easy to live our lives with awareness and mindfulness on a daily basis.  In fact it is very, very hard to be consistent in this practice.  But the sooner we can train ourselves to be this way, to act this way, the better we will be able to enjoy ourselves and our interactions with our  neighbors on this planet.

If you are a parent, be slow to anger and slow to chastise your child lest you sow seeds of despair in that child.  If you are a child, try to remind yourself to appreciate the moments in your life and be mindful of appreciating the wise counsel of the elders in your life.  All this will lead to your living in harmony with your family members and also will lead to your learning much more than if you raced through your life buffeted by your emotions.

When you become skillful at practicing this then you will bring lots of joy and happiness to those around you.  It is worth a shot–and now is a perfect time to practice this aspect of Santa Power in your own life!

Try it today and let me know how you do!

Gumdrops and candy canes,

Elf Scarlett

Santa Power: Take One

What is It and Where Does it Come From?

“The secret to maintaining happiness is to nourish our love every day.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

Let me suggest that Santa Power is perhaps one of the most powerful things in the universe.  What is it really?  I am certainly not referring to the commercialism that springs up around Halloween in many of our  stores and I doubt that any of us will argue that Madison Avenue has taken advantage of our collective psyches in order to support the retail economy, whether for better or worse.  The Santa Power I am talking about is something very important that we usually don’t think about until we get older.  Children, on the other hand, know what Santa Power is and what it can do because they have not unlearned it yet.  Let’s dissect Santa Power and examine carefully its several components over the course of the next several days.  Let’s start with the first component of Santa Power:  faith.

Faith is what helps a person not only have direction in their life, but also helps them be strong as individuals.  I looked up a few definitions of the word “faith” and found that Wikipedia defines it as “confidence or trust in a person, thing or deity…[it is] often used as a synonym for hope, trust or belief.”   The Merriam-Webster definition states that faith is “strong belief or trust in someone or something.”  Accordingly, if this is true, then faith refers to something inside a person rather than something that is directed to something outside that person.  Why is this distinction important?  Because it means that when a person has faith,  having faith actually gives something to the person who has it.  And what does it give?  Quite simply, it gives the person the ability to live their life on a path that will give them freedom:  freedom to have a direction in life that is fulfilling,  and it helps them develop confidence and self esteem.   When any person, whether a child or an adult has a path, they have palpable energy which others can feel.  This energy comes from their confidence in themselves and their path that they are on and in the results that they will achieve by living their life along that path.  This is very important to understand because each of us has this ability to foster faith within ourselves and this is what will bring us happiness.

We all understood this as children when we came into this world; some of us have had the unfortunate experience of having difficult upbringings or even difficult lives, but none of us are destined to suffer interminably from this.  We can all work on our faith and gain the energy of confidence.  Hopefully, when each of us adopts a Santa Letter, or does something else for someone during either this holiday season or during any other part of the year, we feel the energy and gain the confidence that we can in fact make a difference in both our lives and in someone else’s.

Tomorrow, let’s examine another component of Santa Power (there are four more components in addition to faith).  Until then, I am wishing you a lovely productive day and a restful evening culminating in sugarplums dancing in your dreams…

Elf Scarlett

Thought for the Day

A Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

“Whether you think you can , or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
—Henry Ford

Many of the adults reading this blog will remember the amazing editorial written by Francis P. Church, editor of The New York Sun which was published on September 21, 1897, in response to the simple question posed by an eight year old girl named Virginia O’Hanlon.  The editorial was entitled, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” and you may read the editorial at this site. Many people think that there was no real eight year old girl and it was only an editorial written for the upcoming Christmas season, but that is not true.  Wikipedia has some history on this young girl and her succeeding life—and a history of what happened to that letter she wrote and it is a very interesting history indeed. You can read it here.

Over the years, I think I have pretty much memorized that editorial but it was not until the last decade that I fully came to appreciate the words of Francis P. Church.  Francis’ words were words meant for all of us, not just Virginia, and that is why he published his response to the letter (in addition of course, to solidifying the position of Virginia’s father who had “dropped back  ten and punted”  in response to his daughter’s question by  indicating that she should write to the editor of the New York Sun  at the same time he pointed out that if the New York Sun said things were true, they were true—talk about passing the buck!)    Francis Church, however, was a brave and smart man and used this incident to make a very powerful statement; he was encouraging all of us to reach into our hearts and minds and recognize that the amazing power of the universe—the power of God or whatever deity an individual revers—is the power behind everything that happens in life.  Note, in the editorial, the following words:

“You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, or even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart.  Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernatural beauty and glory beyond.  Is it all real?  Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else as real and abiding.”

Through this editorial Francis Church was telling all men, women and children that they must use the powerful strength of faith and love to move beyond the veil of earthly illusions – those difficulties we encounter in our modern life—financial struggles, strife in relationships,  problems in the workplace, even including lack of work and income  for many of us presently.  This is hard to do—to find the wormhole that allows a person to believe that they can overcome the difficult things in their life.  It requires what I call a “willing suspension of disbelief” to achieve unison with the universe through faith and love.  But in the words of Francis Church, in my own life I have found that when I remind myself to do this—to move through the wormhole and trust and believe in myself and others is the point at which I begin to experience true joy and begin to accomplish those things that I set out to accomplish.  It is my wish this holiday season, as we make our elfin journeys through helping others, that we remember that we ALL hold the ability within ourselves to overcome difficulties and accordingly thrive despite such difficulties.  And we owe it to each other to do exactly that—and to remember that there is power in the multitudes!

Wishing you all the strength to fulfill your dreams this evening,

Elf Scarlett