Operation-Santa-Lettter-San-Diego_Adopt-a-letterFor 100 years the United States Postal Service has conducted this marvelous program to spread Christmas cheer to needy children and their families through the United States.  The program however, even after 100 years, remains little known in many parts of the country.

In 2010, for instance, there were only 24 branches of the postal service that offered this program and in 2011, partially due to some additional effort on the part of other private  organizations, 75 postal branches offered the program, but in 2012 that number dropped back down to 22 postal branches.

Through an organized effort here in San Diego, we are trying to ensure that this program has the widest reach possible.  Hopefully, although we have started small this year, next year and the years after that will see much growth in our own San Diego County program in much the same way that the program has grown in New York City.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions located on the Volunteer Elf page for more information about joining the San Diego Elf Team and adopting a Santa Letter.